Top 10 Reasons to Choose Central Asia Tours

1. USA Based Company –

Central Asia Tours is based in the United States, so you will not have to make payment to a foreign private party or through an unsecure method of payment. We accept payment via check, credit/debit cards, or bank transfers. We are licensed and certified to operate tours, and we actually do operate every tour ourselves, never through a third party. We are proud members of the American Society of Travel Agents and IATA.

2. Cost is All-Inclusive –

Our tour prices include absolutely everything you need for the trip. We plan for and include every expense, from water bottles to meals to entrance fees. We also include the cost of consular fees and internal airline flights. The only expense you need to pay out of pocket is shopping. Each country on the tour of Central Asia has its own currency, so including everything in our package price makes things much simpler and easier for our clients.

3. Visa Processing –

The cost of obtaining your visas is included in our tour price, and we handle the entire process for you. Just send us your passport and we will handle your applications, print your photos, and obtain all the visas needed for your tour. Application fees, processing fees and consular fees are already included in the price of your tour. We will send back your passports, along with all visas and necessary documents, before the tour begins.

4. Guaranteed Price –

There are no hidden fees or extra expenses. And we guarantee your price will remain the same as when you booked, even if you don’t actually go on the tour for another year or so, and even if our prices go up in the interim.

5. Guaranteed Departures –

We don’t require a minimum number of people to sign up in order to depart for the tour; our scheduled departures are guaranteed no matter how many participants are booked. We schedule ten departure dates each year, so clients can select the departure date that is most convenient for their circumstances.

6. Ideal Group Size –

We never exceed ten participants in any tour group. We have found this is the ideal number for clients to interact with one another, the tour guides, and the local people. The small group size allows for questions and answers, rather than just listening to the guide rattle off a list of facts about Central Asia.

7. Amazing Itinerary –

Our extensive knowledge of the region combined with our years of experience allows us to plan the most comprehensive and enjoyable Central Asia tours. We make sure you don’t miss any major highlights and that you get the full impact of the culture, history and tradition of the countries you visit. You will even have opportunities to interact with the locals, whom you will find are very friendly and pleasant.

8. Knowledgeable Guides –

We’re very proud of our guides, whom we personally select based on their knowledge of the country, experience with foreign tourists, trustworthiness and amiable personalities. For each country on the tour of Central Asia you will have a new guide in order to be sure each guide is an expert on his particular country.

9. Hotels and Meals –

We understand how important it is to have a good night’s rest when you are far from home and must awaken fresh for a full day of sightseeing. We carefully select the best hotels available in each city to be sure you have the most comfortable accommodations possible. An important part of any travel experience is trying new cuisine. But we understand that discovering new foods must take into account your personal taste and preferences. For this reason all our meals are included in the tour price, but not pre-selected for you. You have the option of ordering any item that may interest you from the menu.

10. References –

We offer our clients contact details of recent tour participants as references so you may contact them to ask about their experience with Central Asia Tours. Having references and reviews is a great way to help you decide on a tour agency.

Book your next adventure with Central Asia Tours and you will find yourself eager to recommend us to our friends and family!