Caucasus Travel to Georgia

No Caucasus tour would ever be complete without a visit to Georgia, one of the most interesting countries found in Eastern Europe. Georgia is a small country with close to 5 million inhabitants located just South of Russia and along the path of the famous Silk Road that once connected the West with the East. It is packed with many ancient monuments, castles and churches that go all the way back to the fifth century.

The climate of Georgia is very mild and is often classified as Mediterranean subtropical, especially along the regions found next to the Black Sea. However, the best times to visit are in the spring and fall, when the climate is most sunny and the temperatures are most mild.


Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia and is a must-stop for any Caucasus tour. It offers its visitors a rich taste of its historical past, which is a combination of Middle-Eastern, Asian and European influences. It is in fact quite shocking to see a synagogue places right next to a mosque, living in perfect harmony. Also, be sure to explore its many churches brimming with interesting architecture as well as a visit to the Georgian State Museum to get a nice glimpse of the Georgia of medieval times.

Any visit to Tbilisi would not be complete without a visit to the Old Town with its quaint, little houses and cobblestone streets. Numerous shopping opportunities abound in the Old Town square area, where you can purchase anything from old books to precious jewelry. For a little adventure, check out the sulfur water springs that lie in the Abanotubani area of Tbilisi. Other useful points of interest include the opera house, ballet theatre, Church of Metekhi and Sioni Cathedral.

For a fine dining experience in Tbilisi during on a Caucasus tour, visit one of the five Makhacehla Cafes found in the city’s center. These can give you excellent glimpse of Georgian cuisine in a very affordable way and you’ll get to try out rare dishes such as Adjarian khachapuri – a dough that is shaped like an open boat and topped with raw eggs and butter.


Continue your Caucasus Tour with a short drive by bus from Tbilisi to Mtskheta, located only 20 km away. This small town houses one of Georgia’s most famous cathedrals – the twelfth century Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, now one of the most venerated locations in the country.


Those who love to ski should visit Gudauri, a famous ski resort located far up in the Caucasus mountain ridge, about 120 km from Tbilisi. The slopes are popular with amateurs and professionals alike and can reach as high as 3800 meters. The ski resort is equipped with many modern facilities such as saunas, solariums, whirlpools and many skiing & snowboarding facilities making it a premier European destination for winter sports enthusiasts.