Money Exchange and Withdrawal

Money exchange and withdrawal:

Each of the countries on the tour of Central Asia has its own currency. In order to prevent any money-exchange issues, our tour price is all-inclusive, which makes things easier and simpler for our clients. All expenses are included, except for purchases of souvenirs and any additional personal services.

Although there may be bank branches and ATMs in some of the 4-5 star hotels, we do not recommend relying on ATMs, credit/debit cards or the withdrawal of money from banks. For most places on the tour these services are not well established, and use of them is very time-consuming and frustrating. In many cases these institutions may be out of cash or experiencing technical difficulties.

Some souvenir shops will accept credit/debit cards; however it is less expensive and more practical to pay for purchases with cash.

In the event of an emergency situation where you are out of cash and without access to money withdrawal, our tour guide can place a charge on your credit/debit card on our US merchant account. There will be an additional fee of 20% of the amount you charge to the account.


We suggest you carry only low denomination US dollar bills ($1.00, $5.00, $10.00 and $20.00) which are printed after 2006 and in good condition. If the currency is torn, stained, stamped or otherwise damaged it will not be accepted for purchases or exchange. We also recommend that you do not exchange more than is needed, because it will not be possible to exchange back to US dollars.


Although tipping is not required, it is greatly appreciated by guides, drivers, hotel staff and restaurant servers throughout Central Asia. An average tip is generally $5.00 per guide/driver per day, but of course you may increase or decrease that amount.

Money & Border Crossing:

You must remember to declare the exact amount of money you have on you whenever you enter and exit each individual country. You may only carry out the same amount or less than the amount recorded in your declaration form upon entry.

Feel free to contact us at Central Asia Tours via e-mail or phone with any questions you may have. We understand it can seem complicated and we are here to help. We are eager to make your travel experience as simple and carefree as possible!