Caucasus Travel to Armenia

Armenia can be one of the most interesting countries to visit as part of Caucasus Tour. It is a country richly steeped in history that can rival most European nations. Once a part of the Soviet republic it has undergone many years of transformation coming up with its very own identity and striking independence. Summer is generally the best time to visit with very mild temperatures, while the winter can get freezing cold with temperatures below -10°C.

Found nestled in the Lesser Caucasus Mountains, this tiny landlocked country of 3 million people borders Georgia to the North and Turkey to the West. Even its lowest point is still found 400 m above sea level, while its gorgeous Sevana Lich Lake is the second largest lake in the world that is found at high mountain altitudes.

Armenia offers its visitors spectacular scenery from nature, exquisite monasteries, and a wealth of historic churches. Armenia has many museums, theatres and concert halls. The art of the theater has been in existence here for over two millennia, so you can count on a wealth of performance opportunities while you’re there. Enjoy world-class concerts and puppet shows as a fun entertainment option when you become tired of visiting its hundreds monasteries and churches scattered all throughout the country.


The capital of Armenia, Yerevan, houses the famous Republic Square that is widely recognized as one of the most beautiful squares found anywhere in the world. It was constructed between the two world wars and houses some of Armenia's most important museums and government offices such as the National Gallery and Armenia History Museum. At night the square truly comes to life with beautiful dancing fountains and many stargazing couples that hold hands under moonlight.

Also worth visiting in the center of Yerevan during your Caucasus tour is the opera house in all its glory and magnificence. While it was the first opera world to perform Verdi’s Aida, today it also showcases the performances of many modern pop artists such as Charles Aznavour. Of particular historical significance is the Freedom Square that surrounds the opera, as this is the place where Armenia celebrated its 1991 independence from the USSR.

No matter where you go in Armenia during your Caucasus Tour, its cuisine will impress you with a very distinct taste. Armenians are well known for their savory use of uncommon herbs and spices and for their amazing grills such as shish kebab. Everything they make from the kebabs to local cheeses seems to be full of flavor and bound to satisfy. There are special Caucasus Tours organized to visit local wineries made from over 40 different kinds of grapes. Many wine enthusiasts choose Armenia as their main destination when choosing between different Caucasus travel options.

During any Caucasus travel itinerary, Armenia will always stand out as the country that has some of the warmest and friendliest people you’ll ever meet. It is a little known fact that Armenia was actually the first nation to choose Christianity as its state religion. Upon traveling to Armenia as a part of any Caucasus Tour, you'll be startled with the many different customs, cultures, faiths and delightful cuisines that you’ll encounter along the way.