Hotels, Guides & Transportation

Hotels, Guides & Transportation:

Central Asia Tours is extremely selective in terms of which hotel accommodations we use, the guides we hire, the vehicles we rely on and the drivers entrusted with transporting our clients.

We use the best 5 -star hotels in most capital cities, while in the more remote areas we may use small boutique hotels, B&B’s, or guest houses. Although Central Asia Tours is not responsible for the actual staff of the various hotels, we do take into consideration a number of important factors in choosing the hotels on our tours. Among the factors we use to determine which hotels we use are: comfort, accessibility to local sites, views, room service, and breakfast. We also take into careful consideration feedback from our clients.

Please be aware that your Central Asia tour takes place in a fascinating, but less-developed part of the world than you may be accustomed to. We take great care to use the finest accommodations available; however we have no control over exactly what degree of comfort is available in any particular region on the tour. Most of our clients are delighted to experience a whole new kind of environment and culture, and understand that the best hotels here are still not the same as those on a western, European or tropical vacation.

Each hotel will provide you with a slip upon checkout; please keep those hotel checkout slips in your passport until the final day of the tour and departure.

The guides that work with your group are professionals who are licensed and certified for working with foreign tourists. Among the criteria we use for hiring our guides are experience, personality, knowledge of language, knowledge of their subject, and feedback from our clients. We do not hire guides who have received even one single negative comment from any of our previous clients.

Our selection of transportation for the tours is based on several criteria. All vehicles are recent models with air conditioning and are double-checked for safety. Our drivers are trustworthy professionals with perfect driving records who have experience working with tourists. Central Asia Tours will only hire drivers for whom we have received positive feedback.

Arrival and Departure:

Our service begins with hotel check-in at noon on Day 1 of your tour, and ends with hotel checkout at noon on the final day of your tour. We will arrange hotel booking once we are informed of your arrival and departure flight details. Regardless of your arrival and departure flight schedules, Central Asia Tours service includes meeting you at the airport upon your arrival and transporting you to your hotel, as well as transportation to the airport to catch your departure flight at the end of the tour. Upon arrival, please look for a sign with your name at the airport exit; our driver will then take you to your hotel.

In the event you arrive earlier than noon on Day 1 of your tour or depart later than noon on the final day, an early check-in/late checkout fee will be added to your invoice in the amount of one half of a full night rate. If your arrival is one or more days before the start of the tour, or one or more days after the end of the tour, hotel charges will be added according to the hotel’s per-night rate.

Feel free to contact us at Central Asia Tours via e-mail or phone with any questions you may have. We understand it can seem complicated and we are here to help. We are eager to make your travel experience as simple and carefree as possible!