Silk Road Travel to Iran

Iran is one the largest countries in the entire Middle East and is a wonderful extension to Cental Asia or Caucasus Tour. The country with a population of over 77 million people is often known to the West for its strict dress codes and other rules such as the prohibition of drinking alcohol. However, Iran once hailed as a primary destination for Western foreigners and continues to do so for those that have already had a chance to witness its haunting exoticism.

One of Iran's impressive attributes is its varied climate made of all four seasons, although different parts of the country can have completely different climates at any one point in time.

Visiting Iran can be fascinating, as it is among the earliest of civilizations and cultures found anywhere on earth. There is in fact no better way to become familiar with the origins of mankind than in Iran. From ancient poets such as Sa’adi and Hafez, philosophers such as Zoroaster and major contributions to Islamic architecture and art, Iran hails as a cultural masterpiece from everywhere you look.

Iran's natural wonders are no less spectacular and appeal to many visitors from all over. A mixture of deserts together with glorious mountains in the West make it a feast for your eyes and your camera.

Visit The Post Card Cities of Iran: Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan and Mashhad

Surprisingly Tehran doesn’t have too many tourist areas with an exception of the Grand Bazaar, which is one of the biggest in the world and a spectacular Jewelry museum. The city does have several lakes and parks worth visiting and a few nice museums such as the Museum of Persian Carpets or the National Museum that houses a many valuable Persian historical monuments and artifacts.

What is missing in Tehran as a part of any tour is quickly made up in other important cities, such as Shiraz, which has been the core of Persian culture and education for well over two millennia. Its wonderful gardens have been home to some of Iran’s greatest poets and writers. If you’re ever there, be sure to visit the nearby ancient town of Persepolis, which has some of the most dramatic ruins you’ll find anywhere else on this planet.

Not far from Tehran to the south, is what locals consider to be among the most amazing cities on earth – Isfahan. The Imam Mosque is one of the most stunning examples of Islamic architecture, while the Shah Mosque of Isfahan is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site with its gorgeous mosaic tiles and Islamic calligraphy.

Finally, the city of Mashhad is a paradise for shoppers and attracts millions of tourists annually. It nevertheless observes its important customs of decorum by ensuring that all women are fully covered before entering any shrines.