Best Seasons to Travel, Clothing & Luggage

Best Seasons to Visit Central Asia, Clothing & Luggage Suggestions:

The ideal months for travel in Central Asia are the spring (April to June) and the fall (mid-August to mid-November). During those months you can expect very pleasant weather, with sunny days, cool nights and low chance of precipitation. The low humidity makes the hot climate much less uncomfortable.

There are no special clothing requirements. The dress code in the major cities is modern, but somewhat more conservative in the smaller cities. As an example, the dress code is similar to what would be appropriate in Turkey. Feel free to wear comfortable shorts, tee shirts and tops in accordance with the weather. Please avoid very short shorts and low-cut tops, as we will be visiting religious sites. We suggest you wear light cotton clothing, a hat, sunglasses and sun screen. Your shoes must be comfortable to walk in and easy to remove. Wearing layers and/or a light jacket will be helpful during the cooler evenings. Although some religious sites may require removal of shoes, women do not need to be accompanied by a male or to cover their heads when entering religious monuments.

The internal flights on the tour allow you to check in up to 40 pounds of luggage in one piece, as well as 10 pounds of carry-on. Please be sure to be comfortable handling your luggage by yourself. We suggest you bring a small backpack for daily use for carrying cameras, water, wallets, etc. You will not need to carry your entire suitcase everywhere on the tour; for example, your suitcase can be left in Uzbekistan for an overnight excursion to Tajikistan, and you can just pack an overnight bag with what you need for one day.

Feel free to contact us at Central Asia Tours via e-mail or phone with any questions you may have. We understand it can seem complicated and we are here to help. We are eager to make your travel experience as simple and carefree as possible!