Border Crossing and Internal Flights

Border Crossing:

Origin – China: through airport with visa.*
Origin/China – Kazakhstan: through airport with visa.*
Kazakhstan – Kyrgyzstan: by land without visa.*

Please note: There are two separate lines at border crossings. One line is specifically for vehicles while the other line is for locals and tourists. You must be prepared to leave your vehicle and walk with your luggage through the neutral territory to customs. Vehicles and drivers proceed to a separate entry point.

Origin/Kyrgyzstan – Uzbekistan: through airport with visa.*

Uzbekistan – Turkmenistan
Farab – Check point – by land with visa.
Doshaguz – Check point – by land with visa.

Turkmenistan – Uzbekistan
Doshaguz – Check point – by land with visa.
Turkmenistan – Iran – by land with visa

Note: Neutral territory between two custom posts is long. Once you walk through Uzbekistan customs port there is almost 1 mile to the real border line; after the real border line there is another quarter mile distance to the Turkmenistan customs post. Our guides and vehicles are not allowed to cross the border with you, so please be prepared to walk the distance yourself carrying your luggage. There are shuttle busses on both sides of neutral territory which are there to drive you through; the cost is from 50 cents to $2.00 dollars per person. The cost for shuttle service is the same on the way back.

Uzbekistan – Tajikistan – Uzbekistan – by land with visa.

Note: There is an unwritten “rule” that foreign tourists cross customs without waiting in the same line as local citizens (Uzbekistan and Tajikistan). Please walk directly to customs officials.

Iran – Azerbaijan – through airport with visa*
Azerbaijan – Georgia – by land without visa
Georgia – Armenia – by land without visa

Note: Azerbaijan and Armenia have no mutual open borders, and are not friendly to each other. Therefore if you are entering Armenia through Georgia after visiting Azerbaijan or entering Azerbaijan though Georgia after visiting Armenia, your purchases resembling Armenia or Azerbaijan might be confiscated. This includes such purchases as souvenirs, post cards, musical DVD’s/CD’s, maps, craft/art works, etc. If those purchases are expensive or meaningful to you, please consider shipping them home instead of caring with you.

*Entering these countries through the airport with a visa obtained in advance is a simple, standard procedure similar to any other travel worldwide.

Internal Flights:

Schedule of internal flights used on the tour are subject to change for reasons out of our control. Internal flights on the tour may be canceled or delayed by the airline/airport for reasons such as weather conditions, etc. In the event flights are changed by the airline, we will be forced to use alternate flights in order to stay within our itinerary or as close as possible to it. Central Asia Tours is not responsible for any inconvenience this may cause.

Declaration Forms/Migration Card:

It is important to accurately complete your declaration forms/migration card. Incomplete or wrong information will cause delays in border crossing procedure for the entire tour group. Please provide the exact amount of currency which you have with you. Declarations/migration cards must be completed in 2 copies. Please keep one copy with you and do not lose it. They will be collected upon exit from each country.

Feel free to contact us at Central Asia Tours via e-mail or phone with any questions you may have. We understand it can seem complicated and we are here to help. We are eager to make your travel experience as simple and carefree as possible!